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Meet Babalwa, a Soulful Xhosa Songstress. Introducing Babalwa, a young spiritual Xhosa woman hailing from the vibrant city of Cape Town, born 27/08/1987 and raised Kwa Langa.

Since the tender age of 7, singing has ignited her soul and become her ultimate passion. For years, Babalwa harboured the aspiration of becoming a musician, patiently awaiting the right moment to share her vulnerabilities with the world. It was through her spiritual journey and navigating personal hardships that she found the courage to step onto the stage and showcase her undeniable talent.

Around six years ago, Babalwa ventured into the realm of TV and film production soundtracks, penning her first song, “Bakushiyile,” which graced the South African TV series, Lockdown. It was in that moment that she discovered her unique sound, voice, and exceptional songwriting abilities. Since then, she has crafted tracks for two British productions and a brand new South African prime time show will be airing this April of 2024 using her recently released single Nyangani (Gqi) on the sounds track , immersing herself in the art of storytelling through music.

Now, after dedicating almost 3 years to its creation, Babalwa is eagerly completing her first EP, set to be released in the coming months. As a multifaceted artist, her dream extends beyond songwriting; she aspires to take the stage as a captivating performing artist. With her music, she delves into the depths of human emotions, embracing the entirety of the human experience. Babalwa’s intention is simple yet profound—to make people feel something from a deep place and be moved closer to themselves by her heartfelt melodies in a genre she calls Afro-Spiritual.

Join Babalwa on her extraordinary musical odyssey as she fearlessly shares her soulful tunes with the world. Stay tuned for the release of her highly anticipated EP, where she invites you to explore the beauty of being human through her enchanting melodies.