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Thomas Hasani “Shinyori” Chauke (born 5 February 1952) is a South African Xitsonga musician. Chauke was granted an honorary doctorate in African languages for the role his music has played in the development of the Xitsonga language.

Chauke started his band with 13 singers from a shebeen in the late 1970s . After a few months, only five remained. They performed at school halls to raise money to go to Johannesburg and realize the recording dream. Chauke signed a contract to record with GRC. Under GRC, the music was branded Nyoresh. He moved to Wea Records, where he got a better deal and changed his music brand from Nyoresh to Shimatsatsa (“a beautiful girl”). In 1981, he recorded his first album called Shimatsatsa no. 1 under the burner name Thomas Chauke and Shinyori Sisters. Chauke has received one diamond disc, one double gold disc, six platinum disc, 11 double platinum and nine triple platinum discs.