Christian Heath turns up the heat with the music video and new single “Because Of You”

May 17, 2019

Christian Heath releases “Because Of You” as his latest single and drops a steamy music video to heat up the autumn chill.

“Because Of You” is a slight departure from Heath’s usual sound and was inspired by John Legend’s single “Tonight”. Heath embraces his soulful pop side with a song theme about getting someone to open up and trust you. Recorded and produced by SAMA winner Mark Beling, both Heath and Beling (who have worked together numerous times) have moved away from their signature pop/rock sound and have focussed on a pop/R&B feel for “Because Of You”.

Heath explains the decision, saying: “It had to be done as the music industry is evolving and so should any artist, while still staying true to who they are.”

The music video plays visually with a very sexy side of the song.

Filmed by AVC Studio and directed by Luther Van Der Watt, the shoot was done in a beautiful mansion in Emmarentia, Johannesburg. Joining Heath in the video is actress Candace Africa, a good friend of his. What would be a nervous shoot for any 2 people, was made comfortable through the direction of Van Der Watt and the friendship between Heath and Africa.

“It was a lot of fun getting behind the camera again and I’ m really excited for the upcoming album, which will be dropping in July. It’s gonna be completely different and has a fresher and funkier sound to my previous works,” exclaims an excited Christian Heath.

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