Liam Burger releases an impressive collection of songs with his debut EP ‘Wide Awake’ out now

Dec 3, 2021

After weeks of teasing fans with new singles, Liam Burger finally releases his debut EP ‘Wide Awake’ across all digital platforms today.

Liam Burger had fans indulge in singles ‘Falling Apart’, ‘The Middle’ and most recently ‘Running’ from the EP released ahead of time. Today the complete 7-track debut EP is out, and fans will be excited to discover that other earlier popular singles ‘Take it Slow’ and ‘When I Met You’ are included, along with brand new tracks ‘Wide Awake’ and ‘Some Love’.

The EP shares it’s title with the opening single ‘Wide Awake’ and Liam delves into why this is not just the first track on the EP, but also the title for it, saying “’Wide Awake’ is the song that the entire EP was formed around. Just after the release of my first single the country went into hard lock down, and all my plans were put on hold. I have always struggled with self- confidence and after releasing my first single, that feeling was amplified. I realized that releasing music is a very vulnerable thing to do as you are basically putting yourself out there to be judged by the world. Last year I went through a period of self -doubt, was I good enough? Should I be doing this? Do people like me? And so on. After chatting to another musician who had gone through a similar experience, we spoke for hours about music and what it means to us. After having that chat, I decided to write down all my insecurities, doubts and fears. Identifying what was causing these feelings and what my fears were, I realized that this is all normal and showed that I cared a lot about what I am doing. ‘Wide Awake’ is basically the list of all the things that I have been worrying about, and that I should just get on with it , wake up and chase my dreams.”

Liam’s talent and remarkable songwriting skills have not gone unnoticed as he recently inked a deal with a major publishing house, Gallo Music Publishers. Liam joins a prestigious group of writers and home of some of South Africa’s top talent. Gallo Music Publishers GM, Rob Cowling, is excited to have Liam as part of the writing family, saying It’s always a pleasure as a publisher when you experience that special song that pricks up your ears, tugs at the emotions and showcases a talent previously unnoticed or poised to break out. ‘When I Met You’ was that song for me, and its creator Liam Burger was the man behind my tapping feet. I had to pursue this further and discover this refreshing new songwriter performer on the SA music scene and explore the depths of the creative. I was pleasantly surprised at the songs and body of work already released, but more so the amazing voice behind the commitment to a recording career and Liam’s gift and ability to write quality music and lyrics. A publishing deal with Gallo Music Publishers was inevitable and we are beyond happy to be able to reach an agreement to represent Liam and to share these creations with the world.”

‘Wide Awake’ EP Tracklisting: 

  1. Wide Awake 
  2. Falling Apart 
  3. The Middle 
  4. Running 
  5. Some Love 
  6. Take It Slow 
  7. When I Met You 

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