Nick Labuschagne – African Roots – GML1023

GML1023_02_Rhythm Africa Med-Fast Pulsating Repetitive Beat Positive Nature Wild Life Bpm110(Nick Labuschagne)
GML1023_03_African Day Med Tempo Afro Rhythms Refreshing Uplifting Vistas Nature Wild Life Bpm100(Nick Labuschagne)
GML1023_04_Back to Roots Med-Fast Repetitive African Beat Inspiring Nature Wild Life Bpm110(Nick Labuschagne)
GML1023_05_In the Wild Med Tempo Positive African Beat Nature Vistas Wild Life Bpm 98(Nick Labuschagne)
GML1023_06_Africa Africa Med Driving Rhythmic Beat Strong Melody Inspiring Nature Travel Bpm90(Nick Labuschagne)
GML1023_07_Africa Arise Mid Tempo Percussive African Beat Positive Travel NatureWild Life Bpm104(Nick Labuschagne)
GML1023_08_African Dream Med -Fast Pulsating Uplifting Beat Travel Nature Wild Life Vistas Bpm100(Nick Labuschagne)
GML1023_09_African Tradition Med-Fast Pulsating Beat Uplifting Positve Beat Rural Nature travel Wild Life Bpm104(Nick Labuschagne)
GML1023_11_Modern Africa Med-Fast Lively Afro Beat Inspiring Positive Urban Travel City Bpm108(Nick Labuschagne)
GML1023_12_Enjoy the Ride Med-Fast Modern Afro Beat Uplifting Happy Cheerful Trave Nature Bpm110(Nick Labuschagne)
GML1023_13_African Fusion Fast Rhythmic Punchy Beat.Inspiring Positive Urban Travel Vistas Bpm110(Nick Labuschagne)