Nick Labuschagne – Hip Hop Today – GML1025

GML1025_01_Hip Funky Med Tempo Laid Back Beat.Inspiring Fashion Leisure Bpm 90(Nick Labuschagne)
GML1025_02_On the Move Med -Fast Tempo Uplifting Beat Positive Catchy Melody Inspiring Bpm 110(Nick Labuschagne)
GML1025_03_Remember When Slow Tempo Emotional Beat Strong Melody Inspirational Romantic Positive Bpm 120(Nick Labuschagne)
GML1025_04_Yesterday Med-Fast Hip Beat.Positive Inspirational Emotion Laid Back Bpm 80(Nick Labuschagne)
GML1025_05_Mister Hip Med-Fast Modern Punchy Beat Strong Melody Positive In the Moment Uplifting Bpm 90(Nick Labuschagne)
GML1025_06_Corporate World Med-Fast Inspirational Beat Positive Power Concrete City Bpm120(Nick Labuschagne)
GML1025_07_Roller Coaster Med-Fast Tempo Strong Repetitive Beat.Todays World Drama Action Industrial Bpm90(Nick Labuschagne)
GML1025_08_Moving On Med Tempo Inspring Driven Beat Strong Melodic line Positive Corporate Bpm 116(Nick Labuschagne)
GML1025_09_Methaphor Med Tempo Strong Melodic driven Beat Motivational Uplifting Positive Bpm100(Nick Labuschagne)
GML1025_10_Power Play Med-Fast Tempo.Strong Forceful Beat Power Motivational Positive Bpm90(Nick Labuschagne)
GML1025_11_Reboot. Med-Fast Tempo Strong Positive Beat Uplifting On the Move Inspiring Team Effort Bpm132(Nick Labuschagne)
GML1025_12_Big Time Fast Tempo Driving Beat Inspirational Positive Motivational Corporate Bpm 100(Nick Labuschagne)