Nick Labuschagne – RnB Today – GML1026

GML1026_01_Sentimental Med Tempo RnB Beat Repetitive Riff Catchy Romantic Positive Bpm 94(Nick Labuschagne)
GML1026_02_Back to RnB Med Up Tempo Positve Punchy Beat Uplifting Inspiring Bpm102(Nick Labuschagne)
GML1026_04_Timeless Love Med-Fast Tempo Solid Beat Uplifting Romantic Nostalgic Bpm 110(Nick Labuschagne)
GML1026_05_Vintage RnB Med-Fast Tempo.Gentle Beat Uplifting Positve Nostalgic Touching Bpm 90(Nick Labuschagne)
GML1026_06_Melody of Love Slow Tempo.Solid Strong Beat Romantic Sentimental Bpm 110(Nick Labuschagne)
GML1026_07_Spring Romance Med Fast Tempo.Driving Beat Uplifting Positive Romance Sentimental Bpm 85(Nick Labuschagne)
GML1026_08_RnB Jam Med Tempo.Positive Uplifting Beat.Nostalgic Positive Uplifting Memorable Bpm 95(Nick Labuschagne)
GML1026_09_Tender Moments Med Tempo Uplifting Beat Sentimental Romantic Bpm 95(Nick Labuschagne)
GML1026_10_Velvet Robe Med-Slow Tempo. Steady Beat Romance Nostalgic Memorable Touching Bpm 85(Nick Labuschagne)
GML1026_11_Secret Love Slow Tempo Positive Beat Strong Melody Love Romance Sentimenta Bpm110(Nick Labuschagne)
GML1026_12_Lets not Forget Slow Tempo Strong Beat Romantic Nostalgic Sentimntal Bpm120(Nick Labuschagne)
GML1026_13_Forever You Med Fast Tempo Positive Beat Romantic Nostalgic Sentimental Bpm114(Nick Labuschagne)